Thursday, February 09, 2012

Life Back on Wheels.

Hey !! I am sorry if you were searching for a new post recently. Amid all the chaos a little has the meantime it was a much awaited tour to my hometown during the last week of Jan 2012 and let me tell you this time it was full on masti & a satisfying tour. There too nothing has  changed except the calender.The tour tihis time was a full on masti and fun. Like my wife says it was a true tirthyatra for me this time as I went to see Bhagwan Jagannath this time along with Maa & in-laws. Then we went to see Tata-tarini tenple at hills as a pending ritual after my marriage.Next I went to see Siddhabhairabi & Maa Budhi Thakurani. Amid all these tours the most exciting was the one to my Village to see my Grand parents. This time after nearly12-15 years Dadu took me to show me the farm land & the crop that is in the ripping phase. His plans and his insight of property & cultivation.It was really amazing to see his enthusiasm at his 90's and the determination and mental toughness was something i could just admire. As an ardent grand child  i share a special bond with him and I loved the way he went on describing his past and his expectation from us.May be now we could not go back to the farm land and do farming but his ideology and principles in life are so strong that you feel short of arguments to win before him. in today's tough His decades of experience and his intellect shows him the way to lead life into a different phase. Anyway these are like milestones in real life and I really wonder what makes them to go on doing and chasing certain things in life... Still to learn those specific skills & go on.

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Samajh jata hun teri khamoshi magar..

Samajh leta hun main  khamoshi teri magar , Rok lun chahat ko apni ye bhi tujhse suna hai.