Saturday, March 10, 2012

Reasons to blog

Oh God !!! 
After a long gap I am back and for that I owe a big sorry to all of you.

Its always the corporate commitments that make me away from free thought and blog. 

From my last post to this one, I made a tour to my home town where I fulfilled many of the old promises and made some new as well. There at my hometown many a things happened this time and the most memorable one was the time when Daddu took me to the crop fields & the farm lands and narrated the story of the harvesting and his planning to but new things.I wondered many times that from where my Daddu brings such courage and ideas that in this age too he plans and better executes his plans in a way where he inspires many others and who except me learns from his this spirit. Anyway my Daddu is still busy in his planning and have asked me to help him in executing them.
This tour to my home I made a debut  tour to Jagannatha Puri with both my in-laws and my Maa. The tour was a memorable one with we all having a divine darshan of the Lords. After many such divine tours to all the places of worship, I had to leave for my workplace, Now Chennai where I follow my dreams every

Herein Chennai, I got a change in my job role wherein I had a larger role to perform in many other aspects  of Human resource. The many role and responsibilities in the new job role needed a better focus and concentration and that is why I was making the first impression and of course will always try the same.

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Samajh jata hun teri khamoshi magar..

Samajh leta hun main  khamoshi teri magar , Rok lun chahat ko apni ye bhi tujhse suna hai.