Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The age Controversy

These days the media,Govt & people are reading & writting much about the age controvercy, the do's & the don't's. It seems the Congress led UPA govt's tough time is not nearing an end. After the graft cases, the black money & Anna and Lokpal saga & the latest issue of the Army Chief's age issue the govt seems to be divided & not supportive enough to fight on every front. More over the assembly elections in the few states too is creating a real pain in the congress ass. Led by the puppet & so called innocent PM, madam Antonio may be feeling low these days. Anyway let the central elections come it will surely pay heavily for all these issues. Lets jump to the current day's headline that the Army chief has moved to the supreme court against his own age row. 
       It was on wednesday the Army chief wrote a letter to he Defence Minister while his daughter filed a writ  petition in the controversy where the army chief faught a prolonged fight for changing his date of birth as 1951 in stead of 1950. In the neighbor where there is a political crisis & the army chief of that country making a buzz in the nation's politics here in India the age controversy has taken a very bad shape where the govt now is moving to take a tougher stand. While the chief said that its not the tenure he is looking at but its his reputation & credibility at stake. It is said that the chief who almost fought every fight for the country &  got appreciated for his tough job took the corrupt a tough ride & that is why he owes this from the most corrupt govt in the country. Wherein the govt now dont want to back out as its credibility will be again at stake if it bows to the chief.
I remember my father saying that he lost two years of his service because of his wrong date of birth and still he mulls the same mantra when he remembers his work-lif. It was the early four-tees where in rural areal people used word mouth as well to get the date of birth registered in the school entry form & at the school leaving the date of birth was on a documented sheet which got a supreme court signature to be considered as the date of birth for future services and that is how my father & probably the chief are taken as victims. Where my father due to health condition retired at the prescribed date the mighty chief chose to fight. Many has appreciated his courage & consider as his right to fight. But one can generally ask the chief what was he doing for such a log period of 35 yrs to get his age corrected on papers ? Its said that he got his last 3 promotions in the service basis his current DOB & in case his DOB could be corrected earlier he could not be the chief today.But where justice too takes a longer time to come in the country the chief too can get a logic to his delay as well. In country like ours where the PM avoids to intervene in issues unless until its going out of his hand, puppets like the ministries too take their chance everywhere to ruin the rest stand of the govt. 
What could be a beter way to deal it ; the ministry should intervene effectively & the army court & the ministry should work out much before to land on the a mutually agreed & law abiding decision. I can see a lot of lackness in the govt to get on to a decision as the case was long pending. And in the chief's turn he should push the govt for a swift decision or take a soft stand considering his present responsibility a the army chief. But if there is something else & the reason of the issue is not the DOJ issue & the issue of corruption  in cards why the chief of the most diciplined army in the country is taking one on one with the govt, then I respect the chief;s decision to go to the court. I personally feel that its not the DOJ but something else & I support the chief in his move. We must have faith on the judiciary system in a democracy like ours & lets wait for the court decision to have its say...

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