Friday, January 13, 2012


To begin with the new year post, let me tell you a satisfying story... 

I remember i used to make resolutions for every new year to come & believe me its not months but in weeks i used to repent on them. Now when i think of those stupid resolutions i can stop laughing.But not only me but i think everybody makes resolutions at that age & laugh at my current age. I am just happy that i made the decisions to make resolution early & of course broke them all so early. But the happiest thing is that the brain chemicals were so developed at that point that a consciousness was there to make a better tomorrow as compared to today. Anyway its all gone now & in this new year of 2012 i have no resolutions but few revelations. 

In the year 2011 whatever I planned, it worked my way and I am happy for this. I have raised the bar this time to get things better this year too. Apart from professional & personal goals this year I have added a social goal as well. Hold on ! this has nothing to do with the social networking site hence please spare me. Really i have understood my part of the social responsibility & will contribute in my own little way.

Its not a bad news at all that in the beginning of this year Typhoid has found its stay in me & yes I am on tablets to throw it out. I wish Typhoid a brief stay & quick relief. I have come a long way to a n offering mode now. Next I will try to make people happy with life & make them realize this too. I will be visiting my parents this year and thank god for this opportunity to be with them. I plan to go for " jagannath Darshan' with my mother & hope I can make it a better time for her. I have something for my brothers too & I hope they will like this time. 

Professional career will be at a higher concern this year as its time for the next move & I may open my arms for better moves with higher opportunities.With raising the bar for a better career of course comes higher responsibilities, hence a tougher mental gesture is in the cards.

This year along with a busier carer move I have to plan for a better leisure in the wee months & a spiritual tour to provide a better to the brain & soul.I plan to go to Sri Ranganathaswamy temple in Trichy & the much asked Golden Temple in Amritsar. Other holy places may drag me to their feet as my mind is a Slave's playground where the almighty lord is the real Boss.Well this year I plan to change a perception changed about me & need best wishes too. I may seem to be a better mature man but I will have to put efforts to keep me still alive & be humorous as well. 

Finally let me wish you all a very happy & fulfilling new year.
May god bless us all...

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