Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stop Digging Jobs..

There is a strange thing in the media these days...the tales of Jobs. Its been more than a week the man has let earth but the media and the people across the globe are still in talk. Yes it might be his creations & contribution to technology in the form of innovations. But don't you think its too much to dig his grave now. After him its his biography is in talk now.It may be a tactics which help the I Phone to surpass the sales figure of Blackberry & it may be an idea to accelerate the volume sales of his biography now. But anyway everyday the news websites carrying another story about him, i don't like it at all. Like his India connection to his facebook opinion, it seems an Idea to visualise Jobs in people's mind & through it pump the sales.Anyway i have moved on after I have appreciated Jobs for his contributions.And I think the media should now focus on the core issues in India rather than following jobs in his grave.

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