Friday, August 12, 2011

The next level Interview process...

Being a recruiter in a multinational company will have to meet many number of candidates in order to choose the right fit.And in today's world where Human capital is being branded by the use of many employee welfare initiatives in a much competitive environment, the pressure of closing the right candidate in the given time-slot , becomes the key to be a successful corporate recruiter. But ho many of the corporate recruiters are using innovative things in the selection process ? After the resume screening/psychometric test we lad up with the interview process. 

And in Interview … it's the same old stuff. It's full of same old questions and same old challenges. It's time to learn from past mistakes and take to course correction now not later. Gone are the days when interviews focused only on knowledge and skills of the candidate. Very little was done to address key issues with respect to the Behaviors, Attitudes and Thinking Styles of candidates.

We need right people in the right job. Measuring knowledge, skills and aptitudes are just not enough. We should learn to measure the BAT – Behaviors, Attitudes & Thinking Styles.Yes, thanks to recent advances in the field of Personnel Psychology, Attitudinal interviews are the holistic solution. It is important for us to learn to unmask people right at the very beginning resulting in enormous savings for the organization in terms of both time and money. More than just the savings, BAT interviews help us get positive performance in the minimum possible time frame, resulting in quicker and higher productivity from candidates.BAT interviews are very different from the rest. "One size fits all" approach is discarded and replaced with a customized methodology designed to suit each and every single candidate. Making full use of psychological measurements with a battery of assessments, each candidate's individual profile is drawn with respect to core competency, job description, performance outcomes, heredity and environmental influences, upbringing, mental processes and the like.Questions are specifically designed to probe suitability based on the gap analysis between the candidate's behavior & attitude profile and the job description.It's amazing but true that you now have a true measure of each candidate's suitability mapping in front of you. Now for the first time you can actually chose best for the job instead of the best of the lot. The BAT helps you focus on the Competency SWOT of each candidate and enables you to customize your questions to suit each candidate. Hence it is next impossible for anyone to predict your questions in advance. For a change you learn to change to gain an internal view of each candidate and make a professional difference to your organization based on scientific KASH Analysis. (KASH – Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills & Habits).

Keep learning & moving..

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