Thursday, August 25, 2011

Annamania vs Congresia

its 25th Aug today and Anna is still on fast from 16th Aug demanding a strong Lokpal bill. Much discussion have been doe on the same issue whether his way is right or wrong, whether he is demanding the fright thing or wrong,whether its right for a society to allow people like Anna to fast rejecting the democratic way to govern,whether its right for people to support such issue and moreover will only Lokpal will wipe out corruption from the country on not. But amid all this chaos either created by the all lokpal opposing bodies the poor Anna has lost apprx 10 kilos of weight and his health condition is running on a slim thread. And believe me there is unprecedented support for his movement which he has named as the second Freedom fight against corruption. People from all age and genre has joined this movement and not even in Delhi but across the country there is a wide spread support for his movement. People are on streets,roads and at the fasting venues for the bill. From infants to the oldest man in india have joined Anna. Support from everywhere from politicians to bollywood personalities are there with him. where all these people supporting Anna are on fast the dumb prime minister is still being a puppet one waiting for Sonia to come back to Delhi to take a final call. I dont know what is this guy worth for , may be he is pursuing to be the most diligent person but we know he can do nothing and people have started demanding his papers. It was yesterday there were 3 rounds of discussion between the two teams but this morning all the talks have failed and govt has hardened its stand to bring another version of the lokpal bill. Hence Anna this morning has urged people for the jail bharo aandolan and the fight goes on. In a democratic country like india where people select representatives to rule the country why the Govt is against the Law, i don't understand. This congress government has been found as the most corrupt govt in the history and surely be dumped in the next general Election. Now its time for the govt to wake up and sense the mood of the general public and act accordingly.Else its going to be tough for it & ofcourse the Poor Anna is going to suffer a bad physical condition. But for what for a lokpal bill and for us...hence i urge Indians everywhere to come forward & support Anna, the fighter.

Jai Hind.

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