Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reforms in the Educational industry & the other side to monetize the Market..

In a landmark decision in the educational industry the union minister for Human resource Development has given a nod to all the international universities to open campuses in India and hence opened up the gate for all the biggies in the educational institutes across the world to peep into the huge market in India. To call it a land mark decision I would not agree to what the minister has done is right. Because the Indian education industry is a much big market wherein the foreign players will definitely look at. But there is a question” is the foreign degree provided by the foreign university will keep the same value, if the same is obtained in India”. I personally would not agree to the fact. i remember my batch mates in MBA were looking for a degree from the Massachusetts or Harvard or Oxford but it was quite a tough task to get that. But people were doing that and there was a feeling of achievement and accomplishment after doing that degree. But once the decision is rolled out then my friends who have done a degree from an European or Australian university would definitely be little frustrated. But yes the degree from the top most colleges like the Harvard/Oxford will have their own repute & people in all age would strive to get that world-class education whether their campus is in India or anywhere else.

My question again; will any institute of that kind will be coming to India ? is there any criteria set for the universities to come into India or any other University in Libya or Ghana which my ancestors had no idea can come to teach us ? I am sure that the minister has no answer to that the except ” the cabinet committee is reviewing the final memorandum before it is explored.” Being under the WTO we cannot deny any university to open campus & run courses and hence can loose control of the private and anonymous universities to play with the future of our students. I would request the minister to get strict standards set so that good universities/Institutes can come to India to deliver world-class education. Secondly can we again strengthen our own educational system or existing Good universities at every state level to compete with the foreign players. If no then this step by the government is like a lethal weapon against our own education system. When we are diminishing the number of Deemed universities to keep private players out of the scene then how can you leave the platform all set for the foreign players to explore. If the Indian Economy is growing by 10-12% every FY then why cant we spend 4-6% of our GDP in strengthening our Education system which a developing country like ours must afford to fill up the requirement of skilled manpower which we foresee 10 years down the line ? Look at China who is investing nearly 6% of its GDP in education system for the last 8-10 years and as a result of which the foreign students’ number has substantially increased in number because of the uprising standard of education. Now its time to strengthen our existing education system, empower the IIT’s,IIM’s & other that level institutes, Open up new institutes of that repute and finally setting standards for all the foreign player in the industry to secure the future tutors else people will come, collect huge amounts in the name of any other university in Europe or somewhere else leaving us nowhere.

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