Monday, March 01, 2010


There are many occasions when it was a unwanted display of entertainment and today we all friends displayed the same. And the occasion was Holi. Usually i don't play Holi but today we played and the same was triggered by one of our friends who hap preplanned it. He woke up early and got some colours from the market and it was early morning 8.30 when we all were enjoying the off day.He suddenly entered the room and first asked us to come out of the room then one by one we were colored. Sooner we were out of any dilemma we were charged up and anticipated the same way.Thereafter we went out in search of other friends in the area and got 3 friends and colored them. One of us had a dirty sticky color which was used on faces and you wont believe the faces were so black that we could not recognise ourselves in the mirror.But after all it was a healthy enjoyment.with the colored faces we were all one and i think that was the message we passed to others that after all dissimilarities we all are humans first then anything else...anyway we enjoyed it thoroughly and hope you had your part....

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