Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Graduate Engineer Trainee...( Finally the first engineer has come to rule us...)

Finally Nitu,my lil bro has got the break in the corporate and with a job of his kind. It happened on Friday (17th July 2009) when he got a call from the Hr of a company named" Lamda Eastern Communication" and after a brief telephonic discussion with him regarding the profile the lady scheduled an Interview for him on Monday. And it was on Monday (20th july 09) he went for the interview and got selected. He was offered the position of GET (Graduate Engineer Trainee). Finally he got the ice broke with a bang. This was the most ideal opportunity for him and he was thrilled to get the offer. People like him are lucky to have this kind of opportunities as the profile makes them learn many a things during their training period and makes them a happy employee as they are all freshers in the industry. its 20th july when he was asked to join and without any delay he joined them on the same day. Now for the last three days he is a happy employee and keeps on describing the first job experience in the evening after a hectic days' work & travel. Dear ganesha... accept my sincere thanks for giving him the opportunity and I bow my head & heart for the same & will do so till my last breath. thank you maa...

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