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Supreme Court verdict on convicted lawmakers & Consequences

At times I take great pride in being born in a great democratic country wherein people holds the power to elect members to the Parliament who then decide the well being of the people and guide and take the nation towards a progressive future.But for a country like ours where in we are struggling to lag behind China in population count, the number of so called people's representatives in the Parliament is too high(500+). It has to be a large number as the country is so large and there has to be a proper representation in the centre. But is the representatives the right people to be chosen ??? in 60+ years of Independence we have made good progress as compared to the pre independence period, but as compared to other developing countries we lag. To answer I find the following answer I can count the following reasons 
-Even if we the same political line remains in the centre for more the 3 to 4 terms of 5 year each we do not engage in planning ( in Economic Growth, Infrastructural Growth, Being Energy independent,  Being Independent national defence & using the human talent)  
-We don't have policies which aim at the above visions and sometimes the vision too is not clear.
I wonder how come we do such huge loss to a country of our calibre and let go the opportunities available today. 
Some say we don't have a strong leadership
Some say we don't have policies 
Some say we don't have a vision etc etc
But let me as you one question is political willingness is all we need ? Don't we have a responsibility towards the nation. Do we need any invitation to correct what is going wrong.
In my view I don't think any political party has any vision for the country. Take the case of Congress who is in power for most of the independent India. Those were days when the 5yr policies were rolled out to address the infrastructure need of a developing India. But now wherein major of the 5yr plan is over the planning commission I think should aim for more robust action in the rural areas and not in the several metro projects in the different cities. we need to focus on the rural India wherein still clean drinking water gives goosebumps.
Last two governments have shattered the common man's hope in the democracy. with crores of rupees flushed in scams and loots where our economy stands. From dumb ministers to rowdy MP's MLA's and ministers all have left thinking of the people who elect them. Once the election result is out he starts executing all his evil plans of how to fill its pocket with ill earned money. I am not saying all fingers are alike but I must say with these acts of corruption you can never call democracy a win. 
Earlier freedom fighters and social servants went into politics but now you find the list on MLA's or MP's you yourself will find out who's the goon, who's against cases are filed, who's Gunda & who's a scholar in scams and so on... I was finding a solution to kick these good for noting fellows out of the election examination hall and provide a clear figured and honest bunch of people to be elected. My question was answered by the honourable supreme court by disqualifying all convicted lawmakers to disqualified to hold any offer and contest any election in July 13. But the cat is ready to cut the bell by passing an ordinance to nullify it. What a nonsense and shameless act by the government. 
When you know the elections are coming in and you roll out policy for food security, BPL freebies and Real estate act, Land bill and so many other bills in the parliament. where is your fair stand on the verdict now.

Now after endless scams and looting the public money show some guts and stand to a good cause. Don't you have good people in your party or don't you have the intention to do politics without any vested interest.With a dumb PM in his 80's driven by a lady with no conscience the common man must stand against any such move. Be it any party or anyone he must be clear and have a willingness to serve the nation and should stand accountable to the people of India.
I strongly protest the move by the government and stand with the verdict by the honourable supreme court....


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