Friday, October 19, 2012

Labor Law & Labor Inspector, Both far away from Labor welfare ???

It was a very busy day and in many ways i was finding a difficult time to even breathe, i got a Call from my office security that there is the labor inspector is there to meet the Hr guy. It was like a pain for me. I wanted to meet the lady but the child in me told me to avoid to the meeting. Nad i said the security to tell her that I am not in the office. But things were all in a different mood and she was waiting to see for the next 20-25 minutes and asked  the VP to meet and when things went out of control then the Savior Karthik the admin executive went to meet him and he just managed to calm her down and managed to send her out of office. Later I got to know that the situation was seriously odd and she shouted a lot and asked all the senior people to come to her office. I was relaxed as I dint know the aftermath effect of the incident and left office in a lighter mood and thought i survived. 
I predominantly being into the front-end HR aspects through out my career, I have had hardly any exposure to the compliance and the statutory Compliance. And I always feel that these things are like tigers to me and I have always ran away from them. But i remember I had a little interest in learning them too but I dint get a learner or a guide to learn them. I had studied these things in my management books but the practical use or the the in person experience has just incomparable to the mighty books that tells you the basic rules. and it was for me like bucketing a large number of data within minutes.

The next day it was a call from the VP directly and on meeting him in his cabin he made me aware of the consequences of this. In those cases where the registers are not maintained and the inspector is not treated properly she can use her discretionary powers & ask the proprietor or the owner of the company to meet her personally in her office and even can notify the authority to shut down the operation. He made me know the incident where the CEO had to travel to Pondy to meet the factory inspector and there too the inspector din't meet him properly. This gyan trigerred the alarm button for me. And in next two days time before the inspector asked to come to her office I got the registers ready and thanks to the supporting hand from Rajesh. It was the day to visit the inspector but she said she is gonna visit little nervous and scared to meet the lady in her office but for good fortune she said she will visit our office on the same d day. It was all set and The inspector came and for the sake of checking the register she checked and signed them all. But at the end of the meeting she bluntly asked for Money and the moment she said that i got all my tension relieved and the little respect there for her in me got vanished. the way the hype was created and the way its getting done was hopeless.then the admin guy came into picture and handed over the money and she was escorted to the exit. But the way it all happened raised many questions. Is this the way the statutory compliance to be maintained in offices ? 

Is it good to get money to the greedy govt official ? and moreover in such cases will be requirement of getting the records clear in Compliance is ethical ?  if this was the way out of all hic ups then why the same has to be there. I must tell you the labor inspector is a government body which ensures the work environment and other arrangements in the work place as according to the laws. The labor officials has to ensure from equal remuneration to leaves & all other hazards are well maintained by the employer. But they just do the reverse and take money to give a clearance. They must concentrate on the manufacturing set ups & with industries. This attitude to earn money will definitely interest their attraction towards the IT companies rather than the needy.And with this attitude if they are going to go i really doubt if there will be a safe place to work too (in manufacturing place) 

Anyway its gone now for sometime till she next visits me, but I don't find pride in doing these activities anymore.

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