Tuesday, August 28, 2012

From Generalist to Specialist

From my early college days to the hectic schedules in in my current role I have been performing a generalist role wherein I tried to explore the every possible aspect in my domain and moreover been a good performer too. But when the experience grows and people are looking forward to have a specific skill set in command I find i need to train myself. But One thing is that when it comes to a role with in my responsibility which I can better perform is Recruitment but is it advisable to take recruitment as a specialized one. My question remains as I can see that there is less things in it to learn and the opportunities too remain limited.All these days i have been recruiting entry level to niche level  C category employees but does my role becomes important and I grow in the organization ? Of course in recruitment I can make a difference but in the next role or level my expertise will be recommended or required is my question. 
And let em tell you  there have been time when i have been a victim of poor selection rate and other factors where I could not enjoy my job as I found my job a monotonous one and little boring too. Those days i could not spend all the day searching for profiles and speaking to 40 odd people in a day to find the fitment withe the role. And the same way too i wont breathe where it will be only recruitment I am supposed to do. But yes added few other gamuts in the recruiter's role I can equally divide my intellect and learn the other aspect other than recruitment to excel. But what is it that I need to add in to my specialized portfolio ? is it Performance management system , is it Organizational Development & strategic HR things or something else ? I need to find out the same and if any of you can suggest on this i would be obliged.

I plan to have a certification on the additional subject to get along with it and willing learn the basics to the complexity. May it give the satisfaction that a workaholic looks at and at the same time meet the organizational goals as well... 

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