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Its time to change the gears in the development vehicle...

Yesterday one of my school friends called me and I was happy to get to talk to him after many years. On the go we asked each other about the whereabouts of others and spent some time in remembering what are they doing and all. We remembered the happy old days and cherished. After the call I just thought where we all are now & why. From a small sub urban village to the metros in the country, we have explored the opportunities around. Why could we not be in our home state Odisha only prosper? For all such queries, my mind answered in a way which neither I nor any other Odia will like. We in Odisha put focus on Children's education and spend a lot in it and we too have a equally best education system in place. But after we complete the studies we aim towards the metros for employment and to earn a descent job. A rough estimation figures out the number of engineering colleges to 30+  and close to 40000 students pass out every year from these colleges and look for employment and its shocking to know that 90% of these students have to leave Odisha aim towards the metros to justify their degree & employment. The condition of students doing normal graduation is better not to mention. Here one question arises why these people go out & work for some other state and why can’t we provide them opportunity & use them in the domestic development  of Odisha ? If all other developing states can create opportunities for growth and can progress, why can’t Odisha do the same way? 

Primarily we call ourselves as a farm based state and we keep focusing on the same, but time has come to change the gear and move to the next level. In that race I am not saying to stop farming and sit idle. We should keep the focus on but additionally we need to built infrastructure and attract investor and get opportunities for other industries to grow and create employment. and to lure the investors what we need; basic infrastructure as compared to other states, Availability of ample natural resources for power usage, better transport system(road-rail-air), availability of skilled & semi skilled labor, Quick government clearance & laws enabling business, easy & ample availability of power and wherever possible creation of special and moderate economic zones to lure investors. Out of the all above said factors for creating a growth movement & creating opportunities in Odisha, I dont think we missing in any single factor except the one one called a Political willingness to do so. I strongly feel a gap which if put in right time & place can change the gear and take Odisha to the next level. We should now aim at the outside investors like the TATA, Ambanis, Zindals, Mittals and other international investor to step into Odisha. I can see there are many projects pending at different intent levels which need a government nod to kick start. And fast pace growth will of course need a supporting hand from the govt. 
Now time has come for us to compete with the sates like Gujrat, Maharahtra, Kerala & Tamil Nadu and all other developing states. For this if it is required to support a regional or a national party we should be ready to vote for as after all what we need is a developed and a next generation state leading to growth & glory.

May the days come soon

Long live Odisha 
Long live Odia..


  1. True,But not only tata or reliance some of infra companys are required to step in to odisha ,so that our infrastructure level also will improve.


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