Thursday, April 26, 2012

Power & willingness to move on...

As usual after a long gap I was at home for a vacation in December 2011. Like always this trip was full of happening things and i was fully occupied. Amid all this every time i go home I pay a visit to my grand parents at our ancestral village and this time too I went to meet them. Its always been a privilege to spare time with them and they too enjoy they same and wish us richly. I dont know how other family members feel but I always try to see their prospective & way of thinking to know their success story.After a long gap of many years Daddu took me to the farm lands and we were discussing some criticality in the farming and the raising cost factor. The rising cols of labour to the cheap rate asked by the local vbendors for the crop was all we were discussing. Amid all this what I could notice is his interest in buying few more acres of farming land & adding to his existing huge area. the way he was enthusiastic about the job he best knows, farming to arranging funds to buy more land, just chilled me. He at his late nintees is still planning and he has got strong ideas to execute the ideas. In is liife span he might have seen more than 60 crop years but amid all these ups & downs his determination has net shaken. And at this age too he does the farming for the 60-70 acres ofland he has & pleans to buy more. Howcome he is maintaining the positive minddset & where from he brings that courage and mood to carry on his job so restlessly. I fall sick and dont feel going to office on the 5th day but he never takes leave from his job i.e farming. I have witnessed he has a solution to every issue and he catches the root cause of the issue & bei\lieves in prevention more than to cure it. And at things or situations panicky for me he handles them with a different attitude and upfront. It may be because of his ample experience in life and because of the maturity & the way he thinks of life. But whatever decisions he takes its the best and I appreciate his way of thinking. I admire the way he keeps on going and the way he moves on. and of course he inspires me at this point of time and I love it.

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