Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ex Colleagues & Friends.

After a long time I spoke to one of my fellow colleague in my last company and had a brief chat. It was a very good courtesy call but after we are done, I just felt sorry for not keeping in touch with him & others. But why; I just did a deep dive into this. What i got to realize could be a reason for a mass of people & for people who have to learn the art of maintaining a work-life balance. I remember my last days in college when our seniors telling us that the days are not far when we will miss these days and even find time to see or talk to each other. I find they were right as from the day I joined the first job & the changes & got experience in industry, we have become  machines and left behind life. We now follow our office schedule; the meetings, the reviews, reports and targets. Policies, procedures and organizational issues have replaced the personal care, concern and the humanness in ourselves. for the sake of business and organizational goals we have lost our personal taste to the relations. In turn we have made the corporate colleagues and people whom we work, part of our relations. Its better as we share the same work place and we understand each other in a better way and the longer we work in a company we make good contacts there and its always a good sign for man. But issue raises when you want to keep the contacts active and limitations at your work place hinders to maintain that good relation. But people should understand the issue & the reason behind to revive it periodically. 
As far as I am concerned I always make friends with colleagues and subordinate & "Sirs" with all my seniors and I try to keep in touch regularly. and i understand the fact that its impossible to be in touch with everybody always but it happens. Somewhere I miss out I feel sorry and I must say it to them.Spoke with Vinoth after a long gap of 4-5 months and felt good that he still remembers and must be kept in touch.

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