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Lakshadweepa Islands, a scenic destination.

What a news ! I am going to the Lakshadweepa Islands...Yes, I was too excited on hearing it but the excitement took a turn when i was told to have a virtual look on the islands. And the media is Internet. This all came as a back end activity to hire around 50 Engineers in Lakshadweepa. Being away from the mainland we were in a dilemma how to do the resource deployment & I was asked to access the avenues available & the best way to approach. Then what , I jumped into the Arabian sea to find out what is there in the Island. Like the Arabian sea i swimmed through the Internet & got to know the history & geography about Lakshadweepa Islands. From Google to Wikipedia &amd from official websites to personal blogs i had to give it 3 days to find the details & the end result was good enough to comment on the beautiful island Union Territory of India.From the opportunities to the issues in islands & the development activities just opened a new window of exploring knowledge to the next state.

Take a look :-

        Lakshadwepa islands being the tiniest  UT of India is actually the only coral chain of India & consists of 36 islands, 12 atolls, 3 reefs and 5 submerged banks. Only 10 of these islands namely, Agatti, Amini, Andrott, Bitra, Chetlat, Kadmat, Kalpeni, Kavaratti, Kiltan and Minicoy are inhabited. Kavaratti is the Administrative Headquarters of the Union Territory & the entire lakshadweepa counts as one district.

With close to 64000 population , literacy rate here is over 92 %, Govt & the administration has put a significant focus in the Education sector.

Malayalam being the official language in the Lakshadweepa, the education system is in Malayalm & English.Apartr from Malayalam people speak a form om Tamil in Arabic version as well. (because of regular trade with the gulf countries)

With a growing demand for the professional education locally & to avoid the students going to the mainland for education which is a costlier business Govt. has have put focus on the building a better education infrastructure from time to time. However anybody who is willing to pursue higher education in specific technical or any other field Govt is helping them to do so by supporting them in terms of getting scholarships to funding the entire education as well.

Next to this as far as higher education is concerned Lakshdweepa has few options for the students. There are only 2 colleges that provide graduate & post graduate program & the colleges are as under.
  • Government Jawaharlal Nehru College, Kadmat , Lakshadweepa
  • MahatmaGandhi College , Andrott, Lakshadweep
Apart from this entire three is a medical college as well in the islands with 10 seats for the incumbents. People who want to pursue technical & higher education has to go the mainland & the govt takes care of the expanses in form of giving scholarships & funding the course.

Employment & Job Market in the Lakshdweepa

  • With limited resources to explore Lakshdweepa people has lesser employment opportunities & head to the mainland for their earnings.
  • Indian Navy & the govt administration make the major job opportunities for the locals. Apart from this coconut fibre & coir industry is the main industry set up in the islands wherein the Govt has put up 2 factories which employ moderate numbers on permanent basis. 
  • With the scenic beauty of the islands Tourism has a major contribution in the employment. With presence of all majors from the hospitality industry it becomes one of the bet tourist destinations among people across the globe.
  • With limited employment opportunities the old system of Recruitment via Employment exchange is still active there and the main employer is the Govt of India in various projects. With the rise of information technology the private sector too has grown but has not been able to employment opportunity in the islands because of its location & cost involved in the setting of plant & travel cost except the tourism industry where the Govt has to create more awareness activity to attract more tourists.
  • With most of the people moving to the mainland for higher education & employment, most of the local population is employed in the nearest mainland state of Kerala.
Sources of Recruitment

Armed with all sort of tools in recruitment like the portals, Reference, Social & professional networking sites & headhunting you can do a better job but where Information Technology is a tough reach you need to hit the traditional base line to capture & attract the better available talent.
  • The main source could be the locals from the nearest state of Kerala ( kochi & nearby places) who are ready to get to the islands for employment.
  • To recruit local there in Lakshdweepa we have only one or two private portals or blogs where adds can be placed can be of help.
  • Apart from other dailies like the Mathrubhumi & the Deepika there is the Lakshdweepa times run by the govt wherein advertisements can be useful for recruitment.
  • There is always other ways to recruit as well but for this we need to reach the islands.


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