Monday, January 24, 2011

No more "Dhobi Ghat" please (1.5/5)

If you really want your pocket to be washed away then only its recommendable and there is nothing to get in front of the screen.I would love to watch either "man vs wild" or "jailed abroad" and rank them better than the worthless "dhobi ghat". This Saturday i went for it and its a pure waste of money and time. I didn't really got to know what Aamir or kiran wanted to showcase in the movie missing the storyline with no song & even interval. Yes Aamir had the idea that the public once gone will not be coming down and that's why the interval was missing. And recently Aamir was in news for conducting a special screening for the Representatives from the "Dhobis" and I think it was just a gesture to bring the film into limelight and nothing else. I don't think any one has put any objection in using the title. Mr. Perfect this time seems to be missing the taste and would be paid. This flop may not hit his pocket much but couple tickets for Rs 300 is too much to waste on this 1 hr 40 min picture. thumbs down for this time man...

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Samajh jata hun teri khamoshi magar..

Samajh leta hun main  khamoshi teri magar , Rok lun chahat ko apni ye bhi tujhse suna hai.