Friday, January 07, 2011

Can ever Internet replace Books ?

I remember the days when I used to write long letters to my father in Berhampur, Orissa from my hostel in Delhi when the writing style, language and the selection words were the tools to measure one's scholastic capabilities. But I wonder in time span of few years the scenario has altogether changed and Internet, e mails have occupied the space for books, letters and telegrams. I still have those inspiring letters by my father directing and advising me in due course of time about many do's and don'ts. It was not mere letters by an eager father asking his about to mature son about the ongoing situation in his career or the many facets of life , but it had that warmth & love mingled with the strict commands in a sarcastic way guiding me the with better ways in life. I always admired his style and selection of words which for my uncle's was a tough task to handle but i managed to get the message in them. He is very keen in handwriting as well, as in his and my school days a good handwriting was a parameter judge one's academics & the scholastic attire of a wise man.

Now when the key board has replaced the mighty pens and the web page of the pads, writing skills have changed a bit. This was my view when i was in northern India but in Chennai the views have altogether changed. People here still like to stick to books and there is a special like to read news papers across the state. With many much circulated Tamil news papers , the readers have got an easy choice of language and the rich availability too has made the reading habit a good choice. in this fast moving life Newspaper and the most wanted Novels are best choice for reading during travel time and people here just enjoy it. From Tamil news papers to Bestsellers are in good demand here. And I like my uncle who wanted to make a habit of reading a good Novel before sleeping is still a nightmare. I am yet to make my body habituals to that as i hardly get to books these days rather I choose the IDIOT BOX or the Ethernet. But still I have couple of Novels in my shelves & waiting for a day to read them in peace...

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