Thursday, September 30, 2010

Solution to a Heavenly Issue, Kashmir

Yesterday Rizwan resumed office in Gurgaon. As I had recruited the Kashmiri young man , i used to be more closer to him in discussing many issues. When I was in Delhi we used to discuss on many emerging topics and i too was much interested in discussing Kashmir. As he is from that land every discussion became an eye opener for me and the issue became more transparent to me. There may be n number of problems with Kashmir,POK or the Pakistan connection but the way he thinks makes all difference. He presents the common man's issue and expect a solution to that. He confers to various issues in Kashmir ; from heavy deployment of armed forces in Kashmir to the AFSPA and the general issue of Independence. What if a solution to the issue, we discussed it and got onto the following what to say..
  • Partial withdraw of armed forces from Kashmir
  • Removing AFSPA
  • Creating more employment opportunities
  • Focus on creation of employment opportunities in the valley.
  • And many more...

We have witnessed a pakistan,Bangladesh from India and the result is never been a good decision for the people or their culture. Hence to live & let live seems to be the right decision , what you say ???

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