Saturday, November 07, 2009

Cricket Championship Season–४ at the India Gate

“It’s a fine sunny morning and with the dew on the pitch, it seems a very good batting surface. Ball will come easily on to the bat, will allow the batsmen to play big shots. It’s expected that the ball getting older in the second half on the dry pitch, will get turn and will be quite difficult for the batting side to chase a measurable target. The toss is very crucial and the team winning it should bat first and a score near to 260+ would be a good target on this wicket…”

This is not the pitch report from the Guwahati stadium by Laxman Shivramakrishnan during 6th ODI between India & Australia , it’s my forecast for the forthcoming Cricket Championship Season–4.

Yes…… we are back with cricket kit to play some good cricket & cherish it thereafter. May it be an exciting game for jatin or a fitness mantra for me or a pure entertainment for Tapan, Varun & Nagendra or challenge for gaurav sir to come or merely a morning get together for the rest , it’s true that we will be waiting for everyone of you to bat, bowl & field with. Lets team up again and present a good game of cricket tomorrow at 6.30am at the INDIA GATE.

I am counting..
1. Gaurav Sir.
2. Jatin
3. Tapan
4. Varun
5. Barada
6. Lokendra
7. Shivendra
8. Vishwa
9. Abhishek
10. Girish
11. Jagmohan
12. Sreedhar
13. Nilendra
14. Nasir
15. Satjeet
16. Priyakant

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