Monday, May 18, 2009

Farewell to Parmod Sir

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you all that the Management team has decided to promote Parmod basis his successful and restless journey of supporting HP customers’. He joined us on 6th Jun 2003 as a FLA and now leaving the same growth path behind for you to follow, Inbound FLA à Outbound FLA à Outbound TL à Call Center TL à Now, ASM. He got several promotions during his tenure besides recognition from all the corners. It was his zeal to do better and better, which elongated his stay and finally made him responsible to look after different businesses.

First, he made HP customers’ to speak about his outstanding performances and then he took a challenging profile of managing Operations which made our client, Hewlett-Packard to praise his fruitful efforts.

Basis his satisfactory services rendered during the period of 6th Jun 2003 – 15th May 2009 (Approx. 6-yrs), Parmod will take charge of our Gurgaon SC with effect from 16th May ’09. Therefore, let’s wish him a successful and smooth journey ahead.

Dear Parmod,

Hearty congratulations for bagging this designation, which is a pack full of responsibilities!!!

We are sure that the zeal in you to produce better and faster results will intensify with the passage of time and you will achieve more milestones in the years to come. You have very well proven the proverb that “Old is Gold”, so keep glittering basis your remarkable performance.

All the best and take your SC to the new heights of success!!!

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