Monday, October 24, 2016

Stand by Me...

I have been nervous and patient....
I have taken things carefully in such a way that i tried my best not to hurt anyone...
but in doing so have I done justice to myself ? a sense of guilt and unhappiness engulfs me and I remember being much expressive and open few years back and in a way to change certain things in life I find I have changed a lot. 

Why so defensive, 

Why play in backfoot. Its time to change gears and go for the big hit on the frontfoot. 

Some who read the above will try to co-relate to different situations but let me clarify its nothing but only to figure out low scoring rate and the reasons for feeling low. 

I have been a good performer in Office and and it reflects in my work rather positive work  do but recent few instances which are purely a human error that has caused changes in the way things should have been done. 

I have been a lad of lovely people and I enjoy to be loved both on and off my Job but in a way the dislikes create little unrest and if its there for a little longer time it creates ruffles within myself. 

I have always been a slave to the goodwork I do irrespective of the buttering bosses or the tames situations but few frustrated people around me are the real reasons for the current situation. Anyway its part of job. but what makes worrisome is the changing attitude. 

May be its time for me to take a stand rather than going by what comes on my way... 

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