Monday, March 16, 2015

My well wishers and dearest Spam inbox...

I was little worried, rather fed up with the daily routine office home dinner days and was looking for few out of box thought. Hence suddenly I went out of box, i mean to say inbox and peeped in to my Spam folder. I was amazed to see I have so many engagements to address. I read them one by one and after 15-20 minutes I was really refreshed up. Then someone behind my two ears told me "boss Don't you worry always, we are there for you".
       Next I headed to the kitchen and in next five minutes back on the couch with a cup of BRU. And instantly i started correlating the spams with a real life scenario and for the rest of the day it was a wonderful day as always. To mention few utter correlation let me brief...
I was worried about how all my investments reap in future, there i could see Richard was offering his services for free of cost where he earned 2380 in one day in share trading. I was relieved.
Next I was worried of the day to day activities in my office and a little worried what the new boss and the new FY has stock for me and was little worried of the job security. But again the answer came from my spams. TOYOTA COMPANY LIMITED in the states is offering me employment and salary is 80000 dollar per month with accommodation. Then i told myself why to worry. Next worry was hot to address the corpus requirement for a family vacation and other expanses. to answer there was a renowned holiday country club offering free membership for lifetime. So next moment I planned to visit Shimla and relax. Finally I thought of what I am inheriting from my grandparents and next I read my distant aunt is seeking my help to transfer her millions of funds as it of no use to her and died. This was like a lottery for me where I have won the jackpot. I was in the seventh heaven reading this. There were few mails too asking for some help, but when i have the jackpot i can discount them by rendering little money to them. After all I an Indian and for us giving is investment with ROI calculations too.
Now I am going to complaint google and other mail domain providers for creating this span folder to hide all such most valuable e mails for me. If i don't get a satisfactory answer I will sue them and before doing that I will discuss with all my spam well wishers the amount to claim by the law suit.

Long live my well wishers
long live Spammers.

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