Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Badlapur & my Dreams

I have always been in to my childhood dreams and I keep dreaming. It was "Badlapur" the movie I watched yesterday night and with a heavy heart I slept. And in the late hours it was a horrible dream that woke me up and i was little weeping to find someone near me. I agree it was a good script to see but I won't agree that it has an impact on my dreams.

May be its the worrying number of deaths due to H1N1 and my running nose. I was worried and thought to see a doctor but the who cares attitude pushed me to attend office instead.

Oops, I was telling about my dreams.. usually it is said that dreams are imaginary ideas of a complicated psychology that runs in our unconscious mind...but is it correct ?

For instance I once dreamed of getting my leg broken and it was after two weeks I got a ligament break in my left let. And some years ago I dreamed that one in my family expired and exactly in next 15 days a distant relative died. These instances have kept alive in me the idea of dreams into reality. I don't know to what extent it was correct to say but I really started thinking negatively.

Anyway,to tell you,yesterday too i witnessed a death and I don't want to believe or expect the same in real life too. May my fundas in dream and life take a pause and give way to a happening life...


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