Monday, August 11, 2014

Addressing your team member as Boss..he can really be your boss in different moods.

With changing protocols in corporate communication and employee - employer relationship, there is a tilt towards a bit awkward personal communication. With people preferring to be called by their name rather than the official designation or by commonly used "Sir", it opens an un-official social arena wherein people find their comfortable and easy pronouncing and even taunting names.But is it a healthy way to address a colleague or a sub-ordinate ? But still there are people who like to be addressed as per their designation or by name or by the usual denomination "sir". I would say lets stick to the grass root names as per designation which in every way refers the respect and authority and accountability. for example let me address this by giving an example which happened around me. 

There was a manager who was little casual in approach  and his tone and words were little taunting towards his sub ordinates. In a usual meeting he fired him a question with addressing this dear sub-ordinate as "Boss" and then he added the usual query and to my head tun the next moment the employee heard replying as "Sir, pls understand that I am not your boss nor you are mine, I am an employee who has equal rights as you have and with due respect I am liable to answer all your query within the organisational policies and nothing beyond that. your addressing me as boss in front of my colleagues is a kind of taunting towards my employee rights which I can not accept." Hearing this from his manager just felt a little sorry for his words and wanted the employee to take it lightly and moved on.

Hence we don't know who thinks in which way... so its always better to address the designation properly.

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