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Need to change your employer ? May be these points can help you position yourself better

It has been years I am into recruitment and I have witnessed a drastic change in the way industry recruits and the ever changing trend in doing so. Here today we will discuss few best Recruiting skills those are quite popular today.
  • Job portal
This has occupied as the best source of resume status from all the recruiters today as this provides the best available junk of resumes as database. In India particularly this has been over  decade job portals have enjoyed the favourable source of resumes. But with time passing these portals too have matured. And the next step is not only resumes database but the real time availability of the resources is in style these days. That is where portals like LinkedIn and headhochos are gaining popularity. And corporates & recruiters too are checking the linkedin profiles for recommendations while selecting the right fit. - Hence maintain an updated Linkedin profile studded with recommendations.
  • Social Networking sites
With only 30 to 40% of total available resources have reach through the job portals and With the rise in the millions of Internet users and that to on mobile devices the recruiters has just another way to reach the potential candidates. Yes its your facebook page or twitter page wherein the recruiters are scanning. Hence suggest to respond to mails mainly in the inbox.

  • References
Effective recruiters always ask reference to the available candidates and they don't mind do following up for the same. They try to befriend the reachable candidate to reach the unreachable candidate through his network.  Hence spread a word to mouth about your looking out for new opportunity in your professional network, who knows who is impressed enough to refer you.
  • Blogging
With Many hosting sites offering free blogging opportunist candidate are well exploring it well and hence provide the corporate recruiters another way out to select them. So here the candidates are positioning themselves to be the chosen one.Hence it may be of useful for you to maintain a blog mainly with your professional work outs.
  • Seminars and conferences 
Unlike their basic nature to discuss budding issues on a profession or corporate world seminars and Conferences offer a platform where prospective candidates visiting card works for him. Hence attend the many free to attend seminars and even the paid ones as well. Needless to say it works for the executive hiring.

The above exert is solely based on my personal experience & observation during my recruiting career and are not based on any research paper.


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