Monday, November 04, 2013

Countdown begins for trophy Parliamentary 2014.

Count down has begun with the announcement of state elections in 4 states... Both the UPA & NDA have geared up for the forth coming 2014 general elections. from projecting the Prime ministerial candidate to getting a ticket in the assembly elections, the political monsoon is raining heavily. Amid all these a riot happened in UP leaving many dead, Rupee broke all records after Anna broke alliance with Kejriwal, Modi is BJP Pm and Rahul is Congress PM. after all its the elections that gives power to political parties and hope to the public. Election rallies have started all over the country and what not the mls, Mp, minister and other candidates too have started being parents of the country giving all lessons and promises. 
while the NDA making us learn the 
A- aadarsh scam
B- Bofors sca
c - Coalblock
d - damad scam etc etc

and many times our pseudo PM has said that its difficult to run a coalition govt and awarded many scams to the coalition dharma. Recently the so called secular leader Rahul da vnci was heard lamenting the assassination of indira, Rajeev and predicted the same for his fate as well. I dont know what made him to say that in a country of 120crore plus, wherein everyday someone or other is killed in mishaps. Recently the Patna blasts has left 5 people dead. what makes difference is the political seat and power. I don't find any difference in both the deaths... Who cares for a guy like Rahul who speaks whatever it comes to his mouth and then repents later. Many a times it has become shame game for his party. the BJP too is desperate to ply the Modi card in the elections, even of he has got points to go for it but dont know why the restlessness.

Finally this is called politics and when people come to vote they get to know his power and hope he executes his right rightly for an able government.

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