Thursday, June 06, 2013

My handwriting Skills

Its been a long time I have not penned something here and the obvious reason for this is work work and work. Anyway its better to come back late with something good rather to write every day something useless. It was in office when someone asked me my pen and I handed over. For  sometime the fellow colleague of mine stopped by me and asked is this the same pilot pen and I replied yes. Then he was little narrative about his love for pens and we spent quiet a reasonable time discussing memories before we disbursed. Reaching back my work station I thanked my pen and even took Pride in writing in that pen. I remember my father used to buy we brothers ink pens and camel ink-pots and we used to write a lot so that we get a chance to refill the ink. Those days ink pens were highly in demand were suggested to develop good handwriting skill among students. I loved the colored fingertips during those days. Maybe those were the reasons because of which still we manage to maintain a good handwriting. But now a days when desktops, laptops and latest the tablets have replaced the black writing slates and the handwriting copies, I doubt if people are still being taught to write good handwriting skills.Those school days a good handwriting was considered as an asset for a student and pupils too were taking interest in developing a good handwriting. But now i don't see the use of pen in the corporate or even in higher education. May be in school education its in use but with the technology replacing the tools a day may soon come wherein hand-writing will be limited to putting remarks on the printed papers.

Anyway i still try to write a letter to my parents occasionally to keep in touch with my handwriting as well as to connect to my age-old parents. As I put  my imagination and thought process in words to relax, parents enjoy it to connect to me.

keep writing...

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