Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam, the paradise on earth...

This is always been an enchanting experience to visit Tirupati Tirumala Devesthanam and as like always this time too my visit was an amazing experience. After I moved to Chennai I have made it into a regular practice to visit Lord Venkateshwara whom we call, fondly as Mr.Venky. But more I visit Tirupati, more I vow to admire the lord , the place, the management and so on. Unlike other pilgrimage TTD has never been into limelight for reasons other than its wealth and let me tell you that Tirupati Tirumala DEvasthanam is the richest in the world and Lord Venkateswara is the Richest God in the World. And while telling this or while hearing this my chest just widens full 2 inches in pride.

And not only me but everyone who visits the hill shrine just gets lost on the hospitality provided by the TTD and the management there. I don't have the official number but the number may be many thousand devotees visit the lord everyday and the management there handles the crowd so well. Not only the Darshan but also other facilities for the devotees are so well managed that one will be surprised to see the process flow there. The ample wealth the devotees offer to the Lord is well managed there unlike other shrines across the country. From Darshan tickets to the accommodation and from the Laddu Prasadam to the tonsuring everything is well managed and well in the budget of the devotees. In the place of the Lord who manages the universe there is no scarcity and the way the devotees avail the facilities is just amazing.

No need to tell that the TTD uses the advanced technology to cater to such a huge crowd across the world but the huge number on devotees ask for more advancement and more feasibility to see the Lord. Where for Sudarshan, one need to book it 3 months prior to the actual darshan day, the immediate devotee too gets a chance to get a glimpse of the beloved lord Venkateswara for few seconds standing in queues for few hours. But the well managed queue system and the refreshment amnesties makes every devotee a regular visitor to the lord for his lifetime. This is the only place wherein thousands of the devotees are well managed to see the lord and i have not found anyone complaining about anything.

I have been to many of the holy shrines like Puri jaganath Temple, Rakeswaram, Mata Vaishov devi, Shirdi Sai darbaar, but the way this place is managing the devotees is just amazing.All Credit goes to the TTD. The hill shrine maintains the entire area and the way its done is a milestone.

I may go on admiring the place on and on but you keep going.


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