Saturday, June 09, 2012

a social cause

It was a busy schedule on Friday and everybody was planning for a perfect weekend. I too was closing the show for friday. On moving eyes on the various websites before closing i stayed my eyes on an article on where I read an article about a generous man Called S.Babu and the story was a real eye opener. The way the man took the social responsibility without any support from outside is a courageous step. In these days where inflation and price raise, when its very difficult to manage daily expanses, the man with a postman's salary serves the society. He manages to get food & medicine for the poor people and people with disability. Hats off to the spirit of the man with a great cause. My eyes becomes wet when I feel there people who not only feels the heat on the poor but also stretched their hands to wipe it off. This is just a cause which inspires me to do something & return something to the society in my way and with my capacity.

Don't we have anything to return to the society from which we have got so much and expect so much.  I promise to do it in my way & urge people to come up & extend a supporting hand to many social cause and make a little difference.

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