Friday, December 31, 2010

From 2010 to 2011

The final few hours too have left us & we will remember 2010 as a year of much happening in history... Someone has rightly said that whatsoever the day it is, there is always a new morning waiting for everybody with ample of new things,new opportunities,new challenges and obviously with new issues in life.But never ever it happened that time has taken a nap & stopped for anybody. it just goes on and on and makes us learn a the eternal mantra in life to "Get going".There could be different reasons for different people to remember 2010. For me the year 2010, in the history will be remembered as the year of scams, year of better career opportunities for few of my friends & colleagues in Delhi/Gurgaon,year of many worries for couple of friends, year for tieing knot for couple of my close friends. And for me the year 2010 has much reason to remember. Before i start writing my story lets just keep a 2 minute silence to remember all those innocent people who died without food in kalahandi,orissa or the riots in J&K,or in the train or bus mishaps or the terrorist attacks or the thousand odd innocent farmers who took their lives to all those who lost their lives this year in many other incidents without any reason or reasons out of their control. For all these people whom nobody will remember nor will care for lets just stretch our hands to the heavenly sky & pay a tribute to them. They were too human beings and they had the right to live. Lets pay our tribute to all those innocent lives.
Now when we have stepped in 2011 let me wish you all a great and happy new year 2011. May all your dreams come true and you enjoy every bit of life happily.
For me the year 2010 was a special year as many things changed in life with new dimensions and new challenges & experiences. For couple of my friends including me the year brought the lovely knots in life opening a new innings in life as a mature married men , for a bunch of close people in Delhi the new year brought new and better career opportunity with great pay hikes and i wish them luck. For few of my ex colleagues the year brought issues in carer and i hope they put their best foot to handle the tough conditions.For my brother champ the year opened the door of opportunities as he got his first job after engineering. For my middle brother its moving towards the best fit career path and i am happy for them. For me, 2010 made me a married man and made someone my life.She showered my life with joy & happiness and i am lost in it. In a major change in career too i changed my job and moved to the next level and i aspire to carry on the march ahead. Among all these the year brought many disappointments in many lives and I hope every man has courage to deal with life if he is willing to do so. So lets get going with the new morning haunting new opportunities & horizons alongside keeping all good things with us & leaving behind bitter experiences and bitter days...
Lets challenge our limits and write a new story in 2011.
Happy New Year

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