Saturday, July 10, 2010

Small reason to a big smile

Intense tiredness was clearly visible on my face and I was looking for a seat in the 6.45 local from Nungambakkam. But to my tough luck grabbed me pushing me to the mid of the crowd. Like an ant who fights always with adverse conditions I too was trying my best. The man by my side was staring at me. i tried to find out why and found my leg on his ... which made me apologies and pulled back to line my back. The Tamil music in another man's earphone was loud enough and I took lil interest in listening the tune (as i don’t understand the language yet). Next station was kodambakkam and the moment it neared the man sitting in the seat by my side got up giving me the opportunity to put my back on it. And I don’t know what happened the whole compartment left except 2 to 3. The public who was standing settled themselves and the train started towards its one time destination, Tambram. The office returning evening crowd was tired like me and were interested in resting rather than sharing a word mouth. Everybody was intense and the daily issues which they face in their life was reflecting their situation. Suddenly an insect called Cricket flew in from the window and sat on my shoulder. The man in the front row noticed and pointed it & next i blew it by my hand and the poor fellow cricket was happy to find a seat on the face of a may in he front row & he by panicky & agony threw it to the next bay where it fall in the ground & finally found a way out. Everybody relaxed and a smile came on everybody's face. Was is the winning smile or the escaping smile that is none of anybody's concern. But it gave us a reason to smile for a while and get relaxed. By the time i was finished with the cricket's next course of action, my station was waiting to welcome me...

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